Anti-Doping Rule Violations

Shakul Samed

Further to the statement issued on 29th July 2022, the Commonwealth Games Federation Anti-Doping and Medical Commission have confirmed that Shakul Samed, a boxer from Ghana, has been found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation. 
His A sample was found to contain a prohibited substance (diuretic and masking agent – Furosemide). As a result, he was suspended with immediate effect and did not compete in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The matter has now been passed to the International Boxing Association (IBA) to determine further sanctions and consequences. A copy of the full decision can be found below.

Nzubechi Grace Nwokocha

The Commonwealth Games Federation Anti-Doping and Medical Commission has confirmed that a sample taken during Birmingham 2022 violated anti-doping rules for the Commonwealth Games.  The A sample of Nzubechi Grace Nwokocha, an athlete from Nigeria, was found to contain prohibited substances (S1.2 Anabolic Agents (Other Anabolic Agents) Ostarine (also known as ‘enobosarm’) and Ligandrol (also known as ‘LGD-4033’)). The athlete, the Nigerian Commonwealth Games Association and the Athletics Integrity Unit have all been informed. 
The athlete will now have the opportunity to provide further information, including requesting analysis of her B sample, before any charge is issued.  
The matter is still pending and therefore no further comment will be issued at this point. 

The CGF has a zero tolerance policy to doping in sport. We seek to maintain the integrity of the Commonwealth Games by running a comprehensive anti-doping programme that focuses equally on education, prevention and testing.