Meet the Interns: Cordelia Norris, Diving, New Zealand

Meet the Interns

Name: Cordelia Norris

“I would definitely be nowhere near where I am as a person or as a coach if it wasn’t for my mentor, Steve. Mentorship is crucial for coach development.”

Sport: Diving

Mentor Coach: Steve Gladding, Lead, Coach Development Pathway, Diving New Zealand (DNZ)

Country: New Zealand

Games Role: The internship is a direct extension of Cordelia’s current work with DNZ coaching junior and senior elite athletes to achieve their international potential. The intent is to increase her knowledge, experience, and personal development with a focus on an international coaching career. With Steve being her daily mentor, the Games time model will be an exact replication of their domestic roles, including assisting athletes with warm-ups, conditioning, dryland practices, pre-competition practices, and being involved with coaching during competition and briefing and debriefing sessions.

Current Occupation: Assistant head coach, Auckland Diving Community Trust; coach, Talent Identification Squad

Athletic Background: Cordelia represented New Zealand as a springboard and platform diver.

Coaching: When Cordelia decided that being an athlete wasn’t for her, she was determined to stay involved in the sport and started coaching casually whilst juggling a biomedical degree, which she did not enjoy. Steve Gladding mentored her through her transition from medical studies to becoming assistant head coach at Auckland Diving. “He willingly dedicated a substantial amount of time constructing resources enabling me to be successful as a person and as a coach.” She has coached junior teams at international meets and attended national coaching conferences. A new university pathway is developing a solid foundation for her coaching knowledge. Cordelia aspires to gain the skill set for her athletes to grow mentally and physically. Describing her position as “very fortunate”, she says that many opportunities are provided to her.

Note: Diving New Zealand (DNZ) has named Cordelia Junior Coach of the Year.


DNZ Level 1 and 2 coaching courses

Sport NZ and DNZ Level 1 Coach Developer

Importance of the WCIP: “The WCIP is a fantastic initiative, and I am so grateful to be part of it at Gold Coast. I’m excited and hoping to engage in wonderful learning opportunities around personal development, self-awareness, and coaching skills. I would definitely be nowhere near where I am as a person or as a coach if it wasn’t for my mentor, Steve. Mentorship is crucial for coach development."

After Gold Coast: Cordelia plans to continue her coaching pathway alongside Steve and to continue her personal development. She will be given opportunities to coach junior athletes overseas at international events and extend her knowledge and experience domestically … she will continue to broaden her knowledge through university, books, websites, and audiotapes. She plans to share her WCIP experience with male as well as female coaches, noting that their programme has many young coaches who would benefit from mentorship.

Commonwealth Connections: “The Commonwealth Games is a fantastic event where the best in the Commonwealth come together to compete. This experience and being exposed to competition at this level is absolutely invaluable to me. It will give me a massive head start in learning to coach senior elite athletes.”


Meet the Mentors

Name: Steve Gladding

[The WCIP] “will create valuable learning for both of us.”

Sport: Diving

Country: New Zealand

Current Occupation: Lead, Coach Development Pathway, Diving New Zealand (DNZ)

Athletic History: Steve was a springboard and platform diver. He was an international junior athlete and briefly a senior diver, quitting at 18.

Coaching History: Steve initially decided on a coaching career at 19 to “give back” and eventually realised that his purpose was to help others. At 23, he started his own diving school in South Africa and then became head coach for Scotland. As part of the British coaching team, he was involved in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic campaigns. He has developed through the spectrum of sport, at all levels from grassroots to high performance, including all major international events on what he calls “an amazing personal journey”. He coached for New Zealand at Rio 2016. Part is his current role is coach development, about which he is passionate.

DNZ has named Steve Coach of the Year.


UK Sport Elite Coach Programme

Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

Importance of the WCIP: “I mentor Cordelia on a daily basis as part of our domestic programme. The WCIP seemed like a natural progression and an opportunity for both of us to work with our athletes in a world-class, multi-sport international event. It will create valuable learning for both of us as we network with other coaches, experience personal development, and work together moving forward. As a mentor, I help others on their journey, ask questions, listen, and am a sounding board … Cordelia is the first New Zealander to commit to being an elite diving coach. We are creating the pathway and she is at the forefront.”

Commonwealth Connections: “I have grown up and been involved with the Commonwealth all my life … It means a great deal to be part of the Commonwealth Sport Movement. The Commonwealth Games is a great multi-sport event, especially in diving, with high-level performers. It is great preparation for the Olympic Games in a more relaxed environment.”