Meet the Interns: Isabelle Andre, Table Tennis, Mauritius

Meet the Interns

Name: Isabelle Andre

“Mentoring is crucial to my career.”

Sport: Table Tennis

Mentor Coach: Patrick Sahajasein

Country: Mauritius

Current Occupation: National Women’s Coach

Games Responsibilities: Isabelle will coach the women’s team during the Commonwealth Games.

Athletic Background: Isabelle was a table tennis player who began the sport at the age of 12 while attending secondary school. Her father and uncles played the game during family holidays and, as a youngster, she enjoyed watching them.

Coaching: After her career as a player, Isabelle wanted to share her passion for table tennis with the younger generation. Her coaching career has been supported by the national coaches and the Mauritius Table Tennis Association. She aspires to be a recognized and respected coach. As a woman coach, she sometimes feels left out important decisions and also finds that male players, especially the older ones, have more respect for the male coaches than for her. Like many of her fellow WCIP coaches, Isabelle stays connected through the Internet and social media tools such as Facebook and Whatsapp.


International Table Tennis Association Level 1 Coaching Course

Importance of the WCIP: “Mentoring is crucial to my career. Even though I have experience as a player, I have discovered that coaching is completely different. Having a mentor is very important to my development as a coach because the mentor can share experience and knowledge.”

After Gold Coast: Isabelle will be working mainly on the identification of new talents and will continue to coach the national team and implement the tools she acquires from the WCIP experience. Although Mauritius has very few women coaches, she will definitely encourage women to coach. She will establish regional centres throughout the island.

Commonwealth Connections: “To be a coach at the 2018 Commonwealth Games is an honour and a privilege. It is a dream I had as a player and I am thankful that coaching has given me this great opportunity.”