Meet the Interns: Jill Perry, Boxing, Canada

Meet the Interns

Name: Jill Perry

“The CGF’s investment in this programme is validation that women coaches matter and is acknowledgement that gender equality issues need to be addressed.”

Sport: Boxing

Mentor Coach: Daniel Trépanier

Country: Canada

Current Occupation: Head coach, Beaver Boxing Club; Senior Manager, Marketing, UBM TechInsights

Games Responsibilities: Jill will assist the head coach and assistant head coach with the athletes during training. She will be in the corner with these coaches during the bouts.

Athletic Background: Jill experimented with a variety of sports before she found boxing at the “very late” age of 28 attracted by the challenges the sport offers. She was an amateur boxer for 12 years and won two national titles. “It is my respect for boxing’s challenging nature that inspires me to further my involvement in the sport.”

Coaching: Jill’s “amazing” coach, the legendary Joey Sandulo, inspired and mentored her, helped to open many doors, and thereby changed the direction of her life. Like him, she hopes to inspire others through her coaching. Peter Wylie, the former women’s national team coach, invited Jill to participate in an all-female coaching program that helped her earn her National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Levels 1-3. Boxing Ontario has also been supportive of her coaching endeavours, and she was its head coach for three years. Jill aspires to be the best coach she can be but, more importantly she says, she wants to leverage her skills to help Canadian boxers become their best. “I’ve had many great experiences through sport and I want those I work with to share similar experiences. When they win, I win (and I love winning!)”

Jill considers herself a young coach with much to learn and experience. While she values and makes coach education a priority, she also values and pursues practical coaching experience. She runs a large club, but finds opportunities to obtain higher-level coaching experiences, such as at a major Games, to be limited, particularly for female coaches.


NCCP Levels 1, 2, and 3

Master’s of High Performance, University of British Columbia (April 2018 graduation)

AIBA 1-Star Coaching Seminar (November 2018 to obtain international certification)

Importance of the WCIP: “I am eager and excited to be part of the WCIP. The CGF’s investment in this programme is validation that women coaches matter and is acknowledgement that gender equality issues need to be addressed. We share common values and goals and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate. I am also thankful for Boxing Canada’s nomination for the WCIP. I know that if I continue to work hard, I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I want to be the best coach I can be, and this experience is going to help me be just that.” Jill has had several mentors and all have helped her work through various challenges. Her current mentor is a former high-level ice hockey coach and even though their sports are different, their challenges are similar. She has helped Jill realize that there are overarching issues and lessons to be learned between sports and helped her our of her boxing ‘silo’. She mentors several women coaches and intends to share her WCIP experience with them.

After Gold Coast: Three of Jill’s athletes will compete at the national championships immediately before the Commonwealth Games after which she will develop new yearly training plans for them.

Commonwealth Connections: “The Commonwealth is more than just a collection of countries and territories. It is a collection committed to a higher purpose; it comes together and works collaboratively for a better international community. They put their differences aside for their common values and ideals. In today’s unpredictable and changing world, celebrating this cooperation and connectivity seems even more important. To me, the Modern Commonwealth represents the values which I hold dear while respecting the past and traditions that brought us where we are today. Like the Commonwealth whose “members are bound together by a respect for all states and people by shared values and principles; and by concern for the vulnerable” (Commonwealth Secretariat Strategic Plan), the Commonwealth Sport Movement recognizes the dangers of inequalities. In particular – and particularly relevant to me, it recognizes and is addressing the underrepresentation of female coaches. The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be my first major games. Being there to support our team of Canadian boxers is an incredible honour …  it means I have something to contribute, but I have much to learn and through the WCIP I will be able to do just that; it’s the perfect scenario.”