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In 1930 Hamilton, Ontario became the first host of the ‘British Empire Games,’ a name that seems anachronistic to us today but which at the time signalled a widespread desire to celebrate the ties of nations which shared common values and perspectives.

In fact it was a Canadian journalist – MM ‘Bobby’ Robinson – who was the instigator and driving force behind the creation of the Games. A year after the Games the Commonwealth of Nations was formed in 1931, and Canada remains one of only six countries who have attended all of the Commonwealth Games since their inception.

In that Games in Hamilton the host nation secured a haul of 54 medals. Their biggest yield however came in 1994 with 128 medals although the 1986 Games produced their biggest tally of gold with 51. At the 2010 Games in Delhi, India the Canadians won a total of 76 medals, 26 of which were gold.

Canada has also hosted four Commonwealth Games and in 2003 the city of Hamilton was edged out of the race to host the 2010 Games by the Indian city of Delhi.

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) is responsible for organising participation in both the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games. CGC also plays an active role in international sports development through the Capacity Support Programme, which supplies skilled early-career graduates to smaller governing bodies throughout the Commonwealth. CGC also supports programmes designed to tackle AIDS in the Caribbean.

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