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Kenya became members of the Commonwealth in 1963 although they first took part in the Commonwealth Games in 1954, missing only the 1986 Games since.

Sitting aside the equator and extending from the Indian Ocean, Kenya is famous for it's distance runners and their many Olympic and Commonwealth titles on the running track. Each Commonwealth Games in which they have taken part has yielded medals of all colours for the Kenyans, not only on the track but also in the boxing ring. This was the case in Melbourne in 2006 with fifteen medals won on the track and field and three in the boxing ring. In Delhi in 2010 a total of thiry two medals were taken back to Kenya, twelve of which were gold including one won in the swimming pool.    

The Kenya National Olympic Committee is responsible for their participation in the Commonwealth Games and the Commonwealth Youth Games and was formally recognised in 1955 by the International Olympic Committee.

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Capital - Nairobi
Population - 38,765,000
Time Zone - GMT +03:00
Language - English, Swahili
Currency - Kenya Shilling (Ksh)


National Olympic Committee of Kenya



PO Box 46888
Kenya Road
Upper Hill, Nairobi

Tel: + (254) 20 273 8109
Tel: + (254) 20 215 074
Fax: + (254) 20 245 481

President Dr. Kipchoge Keino
Secretary General Francis K. Paul