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Bahamas first attended the Commonwealth Games back in 1954 in Vancouver, Canada, although this coral archipelago of around 700 islands did not join the Commonwealth until 1973.

Since its inaugural appearance this Caribbean country has only missed the Games of 1974 and 1986, winning the vast majority of its medals on the athletics track. This was the case in Melbourne 2006 with two silver medals, one for Tonique Williams in the women's 400 metres and the other in the women's javelin for Laverne Eve. At the Delhi 2010 Games the Bahamas won 6 medals and 4 of these were on the athletics track with the remaining 2 in boxing.

The Bahamas National Olympic Committee has been recognised by the IOC since 1952 and is the body responsible for the management of all Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games matters in the Bahamas.

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Capital - Nassau
Population - 338,000
Time Zone - GMT -05:00
Language - English, Creole
Currency - Bahamian Dollar (B$)


Bahamas Olympic Association



PO Box SS 6250
Tel: +1 (242) 394 8143
Fax: +1 (242) 394 8708

President Wellington Miller
Secretary General Romell K. Knowles