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St. Helena

St Helena is a UK overseas territory and one of the most remote participants in the Commonwealth Games. It lies 1931 kms from the coast of Angola in Africa and is a volcanic and mountainous island.

Access to St Helena is by boat, so taking part in the Commonwealth Games is a big challenge but it is a challenge that has been met since 1982.

The National Amateur Sports Association in St. Helena (N.A.S.A.S.) was set up to organise sports on the island and is responsible for organising the island's participation in the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games.

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Capital - Jamestown
Population - 4000
Time Zone - GMT +0
Language - English
Currency - St Helena Pound

St. Helena

National Amateur Sports Association of St. Helena



St. Helena
Tel: + (290) 22820

President Nick Stevens
Secretary Pamela Young