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Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize became members of the Commonwealth in 1981 but first competed in the Commonwealth Games in 1962 when the city of Perth in Western Australia hosted the Games.

Located in Central America, bordering Mexico and Guatemala, Belize has become an integral member of the Commonwealth Games family. Delhi in 2010 was the eighth Games this proud nation had taken part in with athletics and road cycling seeing athletes compete against the very best of the Commonwealth.   

The Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association was formed and recognised in 1967 and continues to take care of the sporting interests of this country, including participation in both the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games.

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Capital - Belmopan
Population - 301,000
Time Zone - GMT -06:00
Language - English, Spanish, Maya, Garifuna
Currency - Belizean Dollar (BZ$)


Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association



1 King Street
PO Box 384
Belize City
Central America
Tel: + (501) 2 277 155
Fax:+ (501) 2 274 098

President Hilberto (Hilly) Martinez
Secretary Yolanda Fonseca