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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions relating to the Commonwealth Games Federation.
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  1. What is the Commonwealth?
  2. What are the Commonwealth Games?
  3. What is the Commonwealth Games Federation?
  4. How many Commonwealth countries can take part in the Games?
  5. Who can take part?
  6. When were the first Games held?
  7. Where was the last Games held?
  8. Where will the next Games be?
  9. How many times has the Commonwealth Games been held?
  10. What sports are in the Commonwealth Games and are there separate events for elite athletes with a disability?
  11. Are there team sports on the Commonwealth Games programme?
  12. How are new sports and disciplines considered for inclusion of the sports programme?
  13. Who can represent a country in the Commonwealth Games?
  14. How many people take part in the Commonwealth Games?
  15. Is there an Athlete's Oath?
  16. Is there an award for the most outstanding athlete at a Commonwealth Games?
  17. Are there any cultural activities associated with the Commonwealth Games?
  18. What is the Queen's Baton Relay (QBR)?
  19. Does the Commonwealth Games Federation organise each Commonwealth Games?
  20. How is the Host City for the Games chosen?
  21. How are the Games funded?
  22. Who governs the Commonwealth Games Federation?
  23. How are the members of the CGF's Executive Board appointed?
  24. What are the core values of the Commonwealth Games movement?
  25. Does the influence of the CGF extend beyond the Commonwealth Games?
  26. Where is the headquarters of the Commonwealth Games Federation?
  27. Is there a Commonwealth Games for young people?
  28. How did the Games in 2002, 2006 and 2010 impact on the cities of Manchester, Melbourne and Delhi respectively?
  29. Is it possible to obtain images, photographs and video footage from previous Commonwealth Games?

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