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CGAs commit to embedding human rights and influencing social change

Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) have committed embedding human rights and influencing social changes in the work they do following a series of workshops at the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) General Assembly in Rwanda.

In conjunction with the Centre for Sport & Human Rights, the workshops focused on how CGAs can work collaboratively with human rights agencies and governments to influence positive change.

Across the 71 nations and territories that make up the Commonwealth are some of the world’s largest and smallest countries, from India, with over 1.2 billion people to Nauru with a population of 10,000.

This combined population of 2.4 billion represents a third of the world’s total population. More than 60% of Commonwealth citizens are young people aged under 30.

The Commonwealth Charter brings together the values and aspirations which unites our diverse membership, outlining our joint commitment to democracy, human rights and the rule of law, to promote peace and prosperity and to improve the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth.

Speaking at the General Assembly, CGF President Dame Louise Martin DBE said: “All of us across the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Sports Movement must work hard to shift the dial on human rights and mega sporting events.

“Put simply, we are one hundred percent committed to upholding the ideals and principles that underpin our respect, protection and promotion of human rights in all that we do. It starts with our vision – to create peaceful, sustainable and prosperous communities through sport.

“Today, more than ever, and across the Federation and our CGAs, we must be very explicit about the value we place on host communities and citizens and the positive impacts we seek to achieve in all that we do.”

Mary Harvey, the CEO of the Centre for Sport & Human Rights, said: “Today was an historic day where the Commonwealth Movement engaged in a discussion on embeding, protecting and taking action to protect human rights in sport.”


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