Transformation 2022

Our mission

To be an athlete-centred, sport-focused Commonwealth Sports Movement, with integrity, global impact and embraced by communities that accomplishes the following:

  • We deliver inspirational and innovative Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games, built on friendships and proud heritage, supported by a dynamic Commonwealth Sports Cities Network;
  • We nurture and develop one of the best governed and well-managed sports movements in the world;
  • We attract and build on public, private and social partnerships that widely benefit Commonwealth athletes, sports and communities;
  • We champion, through our brand, Commonwealth athlete, citizen and community engagement in everything we do.

Our Values

We embrace all Commonwealth athletes, citizens, communities and nations
We promote fairness, non-discrimination and inclusion in all that we do
Through impactful, high-performance sport, we help Commonwealth athletes, citizens and communities realise their aspirations and ambitions

Our Plan

The Commonwealth Sports Movement's Strategic Plan 2015-2022 was unanimously approved by all 71 nations and territories at the Commonwealth Games Federation's General Assembly in September 2015. The strategic plan is titled ‘Transformation 2022’ and is segmented into four priority areas that aim to transform the Movement’s predominate focus on hosting the Commonwealth Games to a wider vision to be realised by 2022 that is based on partnership, engagement and value generation. A copy of the plan is available for download below.

The Commonwealth Games Federation Strategic Plan 2015-2022